The national identity of the party "Der Dritte Weg" (The Third Way)

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The party "Der Dritte Weg" (The Third Way) aims to be national, revolutionary and socialist. As only these three terms combined form a holistic effect that unites the political, social and mental life to a synthesis, which is the basis for a useful and essential social order of the German people. Our identity, the identity of each member of our party, is characterised national and socialist. And is manifested in revolutionary acting, in each area of social life.

Therefor, the realpolitic demands of the party "Der Dritte Weg" are:


Because a renewal of our nation, the implementation of national objectives, can only be achieved on a national level. National objectives, from a political and cultural point, are efforts to secure the survival of our nation as a physical (natural law) community.


Because this regeneration of social life can only be achieved by and for our people as a total mental regeneration of political thinking is marching in. In this case, revolutionary is, that we want to target a total new direction, political and cultural. Our will sees the German people as the focal point of life and wants to overcome international and capitalist ideologies towards a progressive, socialist and national state. The revolutionary aspect is the total renewal on all areas of national life. We regard our ideology as a whole.


Because we aspire a fair social order within our people. A social order, that considers the people as a community, in which everybody has to fulfil his role in the sense of the whole nation. According to this, our motto can only be: From I to WE!

But we are also aware that the value of personality is an essential part for the community. Therefore we do not want to oppress the personality of the individual by standardising everything or make everything the same like it was in communism. But we want to promote and encourage the personality of each one in order to reach the highest creative power for the whole nation.


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