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Folgenden Redebeitrag wollte unser Gebietsverbandsleiter West Julian Bender in Göteborg bei der Demonstration der Nordischen Widerstandsbewegung halten. Jedoch bereits am Freitagmorgen wurde die gesamte Delegation unserer Partei am Göteborger Flughafen im Zuge der Anreise willkürlich festgenommen. Unser Redner Julian Bender wurde unbegründet 30 Stunden inhaftiert und anschließend aus Schweden abgeschoben. Hier nun der geplante Redebeitrag in Englisch:

Dear comrades,

It is a big pleasure and honour for me to speak today to so many nationalists here in Göteborg. It makes me proud and it gives hope to see, that not only in Germany but also in the scandinavian countries the national struggle for the freedom and sake of the European people gets stronger. After the Nordic resistance movement had already visited Germany and our demonstration in memory of the Allied war crimes in Würzburg, we were able to follow today the invitation and visit a demonstration of the nordic resistance movement for the first time.

My name is Julian Bender, I am 25 years old, and I am here today as a representative of the German party „Der dritte Weg“. In English it is The Third Way. We are still a very young organization, which was founded in 2013. The party „Der III.Weg „sees itself as national, revolutionary and socialist. It is only these three terms that summarize a holistic effect that brings political, economic, social and intellectual life into a synthesis, the basis for a useful and vital social order of the German people.

Our self-understanding, that means the self-understanding of every member of our party, is national and socialistic.
We have defined our ideological and political aims in a 10-point program. We wanted to make a short program to focus on our main objectives, in contrast to all other parties. Our struggle takes place in different areas of life. The political struggle on the streets and the parliaments, the continuation of our cultural heritage through the life of the culture of our ancestors and the struggle for the national community.

On the left and right you see our flag with our party sign. We have consciously chosen the color green. On the one hand, to create something completely new, on the other hand, express our commitment to natural values. I do not want to conceal the fact that in the color selection we have oriented ourselves to a large Scandinavian organization. In the middle of the flag you can see the Roman Three, symbolizing the three pillars of political, cultural and communal struggle. This is surrounded by oak leaves, a sign of pride and honor.
Some of you might wonder why I speak to you today as a German nationalist?

Do not it in every European country politicians betray our values?
Did not all today’s politicians sell the interests of their people for some money and power?
Have these figures not sold the future of the countries and peoples already for a long time?
In Germany, we have an fitting name for these people: VOLKSVERRÄTER!

Politicians of all parties, authorities and trade unions, as well as the LÜGENPRESSE, as we call the system media, are working on the death of our people by declaring any immigration to be good. This process has not only been running since yesterday but for decades. The summit is the current asylumcrisis. Millions of invaders are storming my fatherland.
But when I look at our neighbors, I see the same problems in Italy, France and Sweden as in my home country Germany. This is no coincidence, because we are all betrayed by the same rags.
Politicians in whole Western Europe are promoting a multiethnical and multicultural Europe. They forget the following:

When the white nations die, the true Europe dies. Peoples do not die like individuals on the bed or on the battlefield, but they lose themselves in another people by accepting foreign language, manners and customs. If this case has ever actually happened, the seed of the globalists will be launched. A colorful mash of different nationalities, without , blood and culture, will form the new Europeans and will be a replaceable mass.
The criminals are sitting in the banks, offices and parlaments. But where they sit today, they can be chased out tomorrow. And what these people can expect when a nation succeeds in the national struggle for liberation, we could experience in Germany a long time ago.

Germany had once won the fight against the globalists. Class thinking and decadence were overcome, social justice for every citizen created and Zionism defeated.

The globalists want to prevent this unleashing of the power of the people by all means.
Nobody holds the flag of the fatherland despite hatred and contempt higher than we nationalists. But for that very reason we feel connected to the european peoples which are relative to our culture and blood, , which fight the same struggle, whose fighters sit equally in the dungeons of the anti-national governments.
Does police violence in France or Italy feel anything different than in your country? Does tear gas burn less in Scandinavia than in the United Kingdom or the Czech Republic?
Are there not already no go areas in Sweden for real, white Swedes, as they exists for Germans in Germany since years?

No matter whether it is Western or Eastern, Southern or Northern Europe, everywhere are the same traitors, the same representatives of the cowardly mass people, and the same money recipients of the capital in the parliaments. And we can´t do anything else but to hate and despise them.
Every strike, every pinstripe, which the various European nationalist movements archive against the systems, every success is a source of inspiration, and we bow before every dead man and every wounded man of this whole European struggle.

Because these dead are also our dead, from the suicide of a Dominique Venner at the Notre-Dam in Paris, the same spirit, the same voice of the blood speaks to us like from of Reinhold Elstner, a german soldier of the second world war, which burned himself in front of the Munich Field Hall in the year 1996 to protest against the system.
The murderers of the two members of the Golden Dawn in November 2013 are the same, who also wait at us at night, who commit armed assaults and cowardly attacks. Not identical in personnel, but equal in mankind and spirit.
And are these deaths better or worse than those of the young nationalist Sébastien Deyzieu, who the police on 7 May 1994 in Paris haunted to death?
Or the one of the Swedish nationalist Daniel Wretström, who was brutally slaughtered by foreigners?
It doesn´t metter if the beatings and bullets of the fifth column of the system, the left-wing groups of all countries, hit us or the ones of their official guards in uniform. Both are the defenders of an expired order, both are the defenders of the ruling elites, both are our enemies.
We, that is the youth of Europe, those without migration background
And we will take back our Europe , not matter what will be necessary for it. We’re not afraid of the fight! Not in Sweden, not in Germany!

And for this, our movement has it´s own slogan. To the Questions of the speaker “Fürs Vaterland” “Fürs Volk” “Für die Heimat”, which means “for the fatherland”,” for the people”, “for the home”, the crowd answers “Bereit!”, which means ready. It says that whatever it takes to free our nation, we are ready to it, ready to fight and ready to sacrifice. I would like to ask you too, if you are “Bereit!”, and I hope I will get an clear answer:

Fürs Vaterland?!
Fürs Volk?!
Für die Heimat?!

It remains only to say,
Sweden awake! Germany awake! Europe awake!

Wir werden siegen!

Hell Seger!


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